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Core Library --> Click here to download Core2 Library
• 256 volumes from the golden age of homeopathy, 1825-1933
• Extractions from nine repertories
• Information from hundreds of provings
• 21,880 remedy descriptions
• Nearly 19 million words

Full Library G3 --> Click here to download Full Library G3
• Well over 800 volumes
• Extractions from 10 repertories
• 10,000 articles from 116 journals
• Information from 3,500 provings
• 80 collections of cured cases
• 68,000 remedy descriptions
• More than 44 million words

Additional Books
Add these books to either library:
Shore's Birds
Vermeulen's Prisma
Vermeulen's Concordant
Vermeulen's Synoptic I
Vermeulen's Synoptic II
Vermeulen's MoneraI
Complete 2008 Repertory
Sankaran's Plant Insights 1 and 2
Welte's Color Repertory Massimo's Course Notes:

Remaining In A Safe Environment: Sea Remedies, Calciums, Natrums and related remedies
Unreliable Basic Support: Silicas, Magnesiums and related remedies
Knowledge, Seduction, Forsakenness: Snakes, Reptiles and related 
Identifying With Society: Kalis, Ammoniums and related remedies
Identity And Individualism: Milks, Insects, Parasites and related 
Precious and Base Metals: An Alchemical View

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